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Seen at "The Great New York State Fair" 
2019 version, our new Director, Annemarie Ramirez, 
Tracy Welder, our new 2nd Assistant in charge of the Flower Show, and Margaret Bryant, a true Flower Show "Perennial"!
A picture of Papilio glaucus 
on  Echinacea purpurea
Tiger Swallowtails on Purple Coneflowers
Hydrangea 'Incrediball' with Monarda didyma
Here's some 
"Eye Candy" 
for your viewing pleasure!
By now, hopefully, you are aware that 
"The Great New York State Fair Flower Show" 
will take place this year. 
Full details are not yet available, but here is a DRAFT of the 2022 Classes

Elements of weather and nature surround us, inspire us and combine to create the mood.

Show 1 HERE COMES THE SUN(Wednesday 8/24)

 Division AA   
1Sun ShowerBuffet for 4 or more, Baby ShowerRectangular Table Club Competition

2Summer SundaeTable for 2 informalRound Table Director’s Award

3Tropical PunchExhibition TableSideboard Designers Choice

4Hot, Hot, HotDesign  Designers Choice

5SummerwindPedestal40” black pedestal  Designers Choice

Division AB   
 Division AC  
6Rise and ShineYouth   
 Division ADBotanical Arts- Photography
7Dew DropsPhoto  Botanical Arts Photo

8Over The RainbowPhoto  Botanical Arts Photo

9Fresh Fallen SnowPhoto  Botanical Arts Photo

SHOW 2 ATMOSPHERICTuesday (8/30)

 Division AE  
10Clear Blue SkyNovice 

11Sea SprayTable for 4 or more Semi Formal Rectangular Table Table Artistry

12Moon Over MiamiTable for 2 Al FrescoRound Table Table Artistry

13Frosted FlakesExhibition TableSideboard Table Artistry

14March Wind BlowsDesign 

15Red Sails in the SunsetInvitational Angular Design40” Black Pedestal  Rosette

 Division AFBotanical Design- Artistic Craft Director’s Award

16May’s MaidenFlower Crown- craftedHead Mannequin  Botanical Arts Artistic Design

17Summer of LoveA decorated platform sandal  Botanical Arts Artistic Design

18White HotBracelet- craftedArm Mannequin  Botanical Arts Artistic Design

NOTES: Since there are only 2 shows, we will only need 72 designs instead of 100; 2 judging days instead of 3. Photography stays up for both shows. Minimum of 10 design classes. At least 2 exhibits in combination of youth/education. Botanical Arts can be included. No horticulture.