Next, we were educated by the Director of the Waterman Center in Apalachin, NY about “The Value of Planting Native Plants”. 
Native alternatives were offered to replace undesirable non-natives. 
After a break to stretch our legs, we adjourned to the main dining room. 

All the clubs were asked to bring a history of their club, and they responded in a spectacular manner. Each club’s display was filled with their accomplishments over the past years.
 Lunch consisted of a delicious salad followed by a choice of beef, chicken, or vegetarian with twice-baked potatoes and green beans. 
The dessert was definitely “to die for”. Thank you, Jane, for sharing yours.
Then, after another break, as if everything before wasn’t grand enough, came the most outstanding feature of the day. Normally we would have had a floral designer make a few arrangements that would then be either auctioned or a drawing done to reward a few with their creations. 
However, Susan Fuchs, our First Assistant in charge of Programs, surprised us all. 
She delivered a “plain brown bag” to each table that contained an empty vase of some description. All were different. Then each table was instructed to “harvest” plant material from the bewildering assortment that was provided,
 and all those seated at each table teamed up to create a design. 
The room exploded in creativity. 
Everyone was actively contributing ideas and advice, and the frenetic activity was amazing! 
When all were completed, it was blatantly apparent that the entire room was rampant with design skills.
Each arrangement was then awarded to those whose ticket was drawn, and, sadly, the 100th Anniversary came to an end. 
I feel confident that I can speak for all attendees when I say that this was THE most entertaining VI District meeting 
and will be remembered very fondly by all who attended.